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  1. Making Sourashtra Language writers
    1. Rewarding Writer's creations.
    2. Giving Awards and Cash Prize for best writers.
    3. Printing and Publishing of Writer's books.

  2. Making Sourashtra Language Speakers
    1. Conducting Speech contests and Giving prizes for winners.
    2. Building Sourashtra Literal Association in Schools and increase the awareness to develop the Mother language through Speeches.

  3. Developing Sourashtra Language Teachers
    1. Training the persons who are all completed the Teacher Training to teach the Sourashtra language also.
    2. Rewarding the Sourashtra Language Teachers

  4. Helping for the Education of childrens from poor family who learned Sourashtra language well.
    1. Provide Uniforms.
    2. Provide Lunch.
    3. Provide School Books.
    4. Scholarships for Higher Education.

  5. Printing and Publishing of Sourashtra Language School books
  6. Generate, Print and Publishing of Sourashta Dictionary having over 1000 words
  7. Printing and Publishing the Sourashtra literatures which are all still in Manuscripts and Leaflets
  8. Donating School furnitures and Instruments to which school is teaching Sourashtra Language
  9. Printing and Publishing the History of the Mahans and the Great peoples of Sourashtra community
  10. Printing and Publishing the Pictures of community greats and who work well to develope the community and language