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Being publishing of several magazines at regular intervals to complete the wishes of Sourashtra Peoples, some of them stopped with in few issues or few years.

In 1952, "Sourashtra Mani" started by kumbakonam Sri.P.R.Kovindaswamy and till now publishing.

Behind the successful story of Sourashtra Mani, the Advertisers, Local peoples, Friends and Wellwishers all are there. We thank to all of them. After 21 years In 1973, interest of late.Vaithyar. "May.See.SUBRAMANIYAM" and the support of Mr.C.S.Sudharsan - Mr.C.C.Kubendran brothers "Sourashtra Jothi" was released as a second magazine for sourashtra language peoples. It made a highlight in history.

In 1974, late.Vaithyar. "May.See.SUBRAMANIYAM" started 'Sourashtra Nesan'. It became a friend for sourashtra's as part of its name 'nesan' meant 'friend'.

Sourashtra nesan, published most of important news about sourashtra's. After its entry, peoples knew the importance of Magazines. Due to unavailabe of required amount of advertisement support and Subscription help this was discontinued after few issues.

Having activities for sourashtra language and its developement, the Srestha Sourashtra Sahithya Sabha's Members did not digest the stoppage of 'sourashtra nesan'.

As a pubication of Srestha Sourashtra Sahithya Sabha, a new revoluationary in Sourashtra Magazines the "Bhashabhimani" was born in 1975, at Madurai city's festival of Panguni. It becomes a subscriptionless publication. Bhashabhimani records a great history on sourashtra language magazines.